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    Yan Yan 

    Yan Yan moved from Singapore to Hong Kong in the summer of 2015. She needs time to adjust to her new life: can be terrifying but at the same time exciting. 
    Two years have passed since Yan Yan started ballet training in RBS. Prior to RBS, Yan Yan was trained under CSTD syllabus which is one of the more common syllabus wrt to RAD in Singapore. She had lots of fun in the weekly, one-hour ballet lessons for nearly two years. I decided to switch her from CSTD to Russian ballet which uses Vaganova system. It is no doubt that when it comes to the world of ballet, Russia is a serious contender; Russian ballet dancers are very well known to the whole world. I knew Yan Yan would be taught the proper techniques of ballet. There is no examination system but the school has been actively organising concerts and competitions for the students to take part and gain experience. Yan Yan had the chance to perform in the great classical ballets such as “the nutcracker” and the “sleeping beauty”. Truly amazing performance and obviously a lot of guidance and training provided by the teachers to orchestra such a wonderful experience. These will be invaluable experience to Yan Yan and other dancers. Whenever I see the girls performing on the stage, they have such a strong discipline and an extraordinary self confidence in them! Thanks to RBS!
    I have seen Yan Yan transformed from an “easy-be going” ballerina to a “serious” ballerina. She is always happy to share with me the details of her lessons. She was not very comfortable of how her teachers have lectured or pointed out her mistakes in front of her peers but she has soon realised that this is the best way to learn! She will also write notes after her ballet classes and practice during her free at home and supermarket too:)
    I never imagined the impact of the training she received that she became so motivated, determined, and focused...not only on the dance alone but she also makes sure her dress code is right every time when she attends classes. Yan Yan spent about 20 mins to wear her ballet attire and tie her own bun which she makes sure no single strand of hair is falling out during the training. 
    We also strongly believed that her training at RBS has helped her a lot at School. She was awarded by Singapore International School for 2017 ‘Dancer of the Year’ and ‘Outstanding Contribution in CCA for Upper Primary Dance”
    Ms Leila, the principal, always updated us in a regular basis with a candid report and feedbacks on student performance so that I can understand Yan Yan progress. Leila also make sure if we come for make-up classes we have to be in the correct group so that training can be given accordingly. I would not hesitate to entrust Yan Yan ballet education with Leila and her team of teachers. Thank you, Ms Leila and RBS!
    欣欣已經加入俄羅斯芭蕾舞學校兩年了。在加入學校以前,欣欣是受一個在新加坡十分普遍的課程 –CSTD的訓練。她在那裡十分享受那每星期一節,每節一小時的課程,也接受了訓練兩年。但我決定把她從CSTD那裡轉到俄羅斯芭蕾舞學校,他們以雅崗諾娃舞派訓練。不容置疑,在芭蕾舞的世界舞台上,十分多有名的芭蕾者都是來自於俄羅斯。我知道,欣欣會學到十分正規的芭蕾舞技巧。學校沒有考試的制度,但學校經常會舉辦不同的表演以及比賽讓學生可以參與以及增加經驗。欣欣也有機會去表演了一些經典的芭蕾舞劇目,例如是《胡桃夾子》以及《睡美人》。透過老師的大量指導以及不停訓練,制造了不少精彩的表演。這些對欣欣以及其他舞者來說十分寶貴的經驗。當我在台下看著這些女孩的表現,她們都透露著充分的自信以及紀律!謝謝俄羅斯芭蕾舞學校!
    Alice Lee
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    6歲那年,我移居香港。那時參加了芭蕾舞興趣班,亦都嘗試過HIP HOP及JAZZ。當時都不太感興趣,所以有好幾年都沒有上過任何舞蹈課程。
    RBS的所有表演 - 週年表演及冬季表演,我都有參於其中。我亦在酒店及其他學校活動中表演過!
    今年5月,我參加了香港演藝學院 "Gifted Young Dancers Program" 的面試,亦獲接納! 來年的每個星期六,將會有機會學習新的技術及發掘更多舞蹈潛能。我十分期代我的潛力可以發揮到那個層次!

    Like many young girls, I used to love dressing up and pretending to be a ballerina! When I first came to Hong Kong at six years old, I took a few ballet classes for fun, then tried hip hop and jazz. I eventually outgrew it and didn't take any dance lessons for a couple years. When I was nearly fourteen, I felt like I had a very plain personality and my self-esteem was declining. It was unlike me. I remember having the desire to just try something, anything, that would challenge me enough to build up my confidence, and at the same time find pleasure in it. It was around that time, August, 2012, that I noticed Russian Ballet School had opened its first branch in Sai Kung. I asked my parents if I could take some classes there, they knew as much as I did that I'd always had a passion for ballet, so they agreed. I've been a part of RBS ever since! I've performed in all RBS Gala and Christmas performances, and other performances held in hotels and school fairs.
        I have learned much during my time at RBS. I've had the pleasure of being taught by amazing, highly-trained teachers, whom I always learn something new from and will never forget. I've also practised the value of pushing myself when no one is watching and not taking a single class for granted. Best of all, I have come to really feel like myself (which is especially important during teenage years); I hope audiences can see that when I dance on stage.
        The question of pursuing ballet has been playing on my mind a lot recently, I started too late to become a professional, but I still want to explore new opportunities to dance here in Hong Kong. In May, I auditioned for the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts: Gifted Young Dancers Programme, and I was accepted! Every Saturday, in the coming school year, I'll get the chance to build my technique and expose myself to other styles of dance. I'm looking forward to seeing where it may lead me to. I'm so thankful that I received the foundation of my ballet training at Russian Ballet School. My goal is to represent it well. I honestly wouldn't know who I'd be today had it not opened four years ago.

    Renae Rufus
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    GRACE在四歲那年開始參加RBS的芭蕾舞課程,至今已一年多。 GARCE十分喜歡上課,每次都十分期待上課日的來臨。 課堂結束,她總是汗流浹背、喘著氣的出來。在家,她亦十分喜歡表演給我們看。 此外,她亦認識了很多朋友。 作為家長,我們需要清楚我們對孩子的期望及了解他們的發展方向。我們十分感激RBS,他們的課程及舞蹈安排都十分適合該年紀的孩子,既有挑戰性又有趣味性,令到小孩更易投入。 而且舞步又不會太複雜,小孩比較容易跟上。 同時間,老師亦會不停重複練習,令小孩記住所有舞步,不會依賴老師。正因此,RBS的表演都是高水準的表演! 此外,課堂是十分有條理的。跟其他芭蕾舞學校不同,RBS十分著重拉筋的熱身動作,此舉能減輕學生在課堂時受傷的機會。 最後,再次衷心感謝RBS令GRACE變得更得體、柔軟度高及充滿活力的女孩! 希望GRACE與貴校繼續一起成長!

    Grace started attending Russian Ballet School (RBS) at the age of 4 and a half, exactly one year ago, twice a week. Here is our testimonial about Grace's experience. 
    Grace is always happy to go to class, she comes out sweating, humming the classical music or children's songs. At home, she is proud to show her stretches and moves. She made a lot of new friends. 
    As parents, we need to manage our expectations and understand the child's development. What I appreciate in RBS is that all the exercises and most importantly, the choreography is age appropriate. It is challenging but fun! Chunga-Changa, for example, had a lot of claps to teach the rhythm and coordination. The Happy Trip dance had lots of moves around the stage to promote space awareness. There were steps that required coordination. All of the dances are memorised. In the past, Grace went to another ballet school where the teacher had to remind the dancers of their next move, being on stage with them. At RBS, the objective is to give the dancers the responsibility to remember the rehearsed movements. Highly qualified teachers do miracles orchestrating gala performances. 
    The class is structured so that there is a lot of work on technique. What is different from other schools, in my opinion, is the extensive mat work - one glancing in during the warm-up could mistake it for an advanced yoga class, if not for pointed toes and graceful hands! 
    Thank you, RBS, for teaching my daughter Grace to become graceful, flexible and motivated! We look forward to many years together with you.

    Svetlana Grier
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    SOPHIA之前在其他學校上過芭蕾舞課 (RAD SYSTEM),但加入RBS後,她發覺自身的潛在能力很大,身體可以做出很多優美的動作。
    記得剛加入RBS的幾個月,我們都十分驚訝SOPHIA會有這麼大的進步! RBS的老師們都十分細心體貼及關心學生的進度,他們不時會給予意見,希望學生不斷進步。在這健康的學習環境下,SOPHIA開始了解更多自己的身體,知道怎樣做才能發揮出水準。更重要的是,SOPHIA十分享受每一堂課!

    We’d like to thank you RBS for promoting healthy growth and development in our daughter, Sophia.After joining RBS in Sep 2014, and the experience has been life changing to her. Sophia had previously been learning ballet in RAD system elsewhere, but it was only after coming to RBS she realized how much stuff she could do with her body, and developed a healthy sense of self. 
    The instructors at RBS are very caring and supportive. They monitor students’ progress closely, and always give them timely advice. In such nurturing environment, Sophia started understanding more of what her body could do, and how to carry it to its maximum function.We still remember how surprised we were to see the progress she made in just few months. What’s more? She enjoyed every bit of the training! 
    At RBS, the instructors’ passion and dedication for children’s ballet education is contagious. In the last two years she’s been with the school, Sophia has formed a love for ballet that we never knew a 11 years old could. There is such a wonderful balance of discipline, fun, and self-confidence in the classroom. With the staffs’ warm encouragement and support,it has made our daughter realize the importance of devotion and hard work. 
    The benefit of learning at RBS has definitely extended outside the ballet classroom. Sophia hassubsequently applied her hard work, resilience, and ability to focus, all of which she has learnt from RBS, toward her academic work, and grew more confident as a young person. We are glad to see her growing and developing in such way, and would like to give our sincere gratitude for all your impeccable teaching and guidance in a young person’s life. 
    We would recommend, without hesitation, RBS to anyone who is interested in learning ballet, or any parents looking for an extracurricular activity for a child. We couldn’t ask for a more perfect school!

    Grant and Mayu Seki
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    Hayleigh Gresham

    或許Hayleigh會追求舞蹈事業,或者享受它作為娛樂,或認識到在別人的工作中的價值。無論如何,RBS正在幫助我們向女兒灌輸對藝術的責任感和愛心,因此我們感到非常的感激。我們對於我們所擁有的經驗感到滿意 - 整個員工,從管理員到教學人員,最重要的是校長Leila Alpiyeva提供寶貴的教學和舒適的學習環境。

    Two years have passed since our daughter, Hayleigh started taking ballet lessons at The Russian Ballet School.
    The initial idea to enroll was to keep her entertained and busy. We never imagined the impact of the training she received then and over the next several years. She is motivated, determined, and focused, all of which is fostered by the classes and instructors. Not only is our nine-year-old able to recognize the value of ballet in all styles of dance, but she has developed a love of all the arts and eager to discuss aspects of technique and artistry in professional work. Her desire to learn and perfect various movements, of which she knows the official names (I am still learning from her the terminology!) can be attributed to the professionally trained staff. While some may be leery of the “Russian” in the name, perhaps imagining harsh instruction in a negative environment, nothing could be further from the truth.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    I as well would like to mention its Performances which held twice a year (one before Christmas and one early summer). It is all levels integrated. It is a delight to watch a beginner ballet student with a professional dancer. Not only are audiences entertained, but younger performers are encouraged and inspired by those with more experience. Students are expected to follow routines and guidelines, and they do so because of the professional example modeled by all.

    Perhaps Hayleigh will pursue a career with dance, or maybe enjoy it as recreation, or recognize the value of such in others' work. Regardless, RBS is helping to instill a sense of responsibility and love of the arts in our daughter, and for that we are incredibly thankful. We could not be more pleased with the experience we’ve had- the entire staff, from the Administrator to the Teaching staff and most importantly the Principal, Leila Alpiyeva provide valuable instruction and a comfortable learning environment.

    Hayleigh started her ballet practice with Russian Ballet School at the age of 7. She is going to her third year with RBS in coming August.

    Paul and Rebecca Gresham